Day 23-a song that reminds you of an embarrassing event

Remember when I said I felt like the coolest guy in the world during my senior prom — and that the feeling wouldn’t last? Well, here we go.

My date was taller than me. That’s not the embarrassment, though. When you’re just 5’6 (and I only grew one more inch or so by full adulthood), you learn to deal with tallish women (especially when she’s this cute), the way you also learn to deal with having an unusual name.

Both she and I have unusual first names, and at our prom, the seniors would do the senior walk, in which each couple would be announced and walk arm-in-arm before the assembled crowd.

I would swear I properly and simply and phonetically wrote both our names on the card for our mostly-white classmates to read off. And, so much the better, that a black classmate was actually reading the card.

She still somehow managed to mangle both our names in exactly the way we were trying to avoid.

I think this was the song playing…

…but I really don’t remember at all. I was too busy being mortified at being called “Carrie.”

Equal emphasis on both syllables. Though I’ve learned to deal with mispronounciations anyway.


Day 08-a song from your prom or your senior year of high school

Funny how this subject follows on the heels of the story of my non-first-kiss. It’s a wonder that I even got a date for my senior prom at all!

Interestingly, I wasn’t at all shy about asking girls to prom. It’s probably because I asked my best friend first, so I wasn’t intimidated about it.

  • But…she already had a date.
  • Then I asked the cute sister I sat next to in that class I can’t recall. Some elective of some sort. She was taken, too.
  • Then my favorite blonde. But she was going to another school’s prom that week.
  • Then I asked my crush from art club. I think she was so shocked that she didn’t think I was serious. (Plus there was the whole black guy/white girl thing that was still a little bitty bit taboo back then. *I* didn’t care, but other people *did*.)

That pretty well exhausted my candidates. I had determined to go stag — ’cause I was GOIN’, dagnabit! — when someone suggested a gal I hadn’t seen in years because she’d moved to another school.

Ever had one of those moments that’s part lightbulb, part facepalm? This was one of those. Of COURSE I should’ve asked her! Should’ve asked her first!

I called her up and she was only too glad to go.

Anyhow, at the actual prom there was a moment when I was walking to get drinks when this song came on:

For some reason I felt like the coolest dude in the world at that moment. (It wouldn’t last.)