Day 11-a song from your favorite music video

I love this song, and I never would’ve heard it if not for the video.

In fact, I like the video better than the album version because the vamp is twice as long. That’s what I liked best about the song in the first place. I also like the subtle story being told, and the feather rain at the end.

(I don’t recall it being quite so sexy back then, though. I guess I didn’t play much attention. More likely, I wasn’t mature enough to appreciate sensuality that didn’t involve exposed nipples.)

But my favorite music video (that I can recall (and that’s not titled “Thriller” or “Smooth Criminal” (because those would be too easy))) is this fun summer tune:

Again, I loved videos that told a story.


Day 07- a song that reminds you of your first kiss

So it was Valentine’s Day that college year, and I had it all planned out. I’d put on my best shirt and tie and maybe even some decent-smelling deodorant spray, and I had my nascent dreadlocks as well-groomed as I could get them.

I’d suavely approach her from behind, ask her to come to the hallway outside, and reveal my crush on her and then we’d kiss.

Seriously. This was my plan.


  • There was never a good moment to get her away from the office, and
  • I wasn’t even sure she actually liked me anymore, and
  • I was losing my nerve anyw —
  • — whoops, there it went.

So of course my ridiculous fantasy never happened. This song is the soundtrack of that bit of romance fail.

“Wait, man,” someone’s thinking. “The song that reminds you of your first kiss is about a kiss that never happened? What’s that all about?”

Now it’s many, MANY years later. It’s a little embarrassing…but I’ve still never been kissed.

I know that this is utterly astounding to those who know me. On the surface, I appear to be far too attractive to possibly be so inexperienced in the ways of love and romance.

(Seriously. I know I’m a good-looking guy. Of that I’m quite confident.)

I’ve just never developed a close enough relationship with a lady to earn — or steal — that real kiss.

Part of it has to do with a God-driven vow to preserve my virginity until marriage. You’ve heard of the studies that say abstinence programs don’t work, and that chastity pledges are usually broken? I’m living proof that they can be kept.

Consequently, I have come to rather zealously guard the sanctity of these lips of mine. They won’t touch hers unless there’s something really special going on between us.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll follow other couples’ example and save that first kiss for the altar. Lord knows I’ve heard worse advice and ideas on the subject of romance.

Tomorrow: a tale of when I was a lot bolder with the fairer sex.