Dr. Ford is me


Written for Facebook on Sept. 28, 2018, during the height of the Supreme Court confirmations. Backdated and saved here for posterity, I guess.


So there are some folks out there wondering why Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is only now coming forward with her allegations against Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Why not at any point earlier in his career? Why is there no proof?

I think I understand why. Because Dr. Ford is me.

I, too, had an encounter with a dude named Brett K. in the 1980s. Mine wasn’t nearly traumatic as hers: It was just the two of us in an empty middle school classroom and was more weird and embarrassing and “What the ___ IS this?” than anything. And our family moved away about two weeks later so I didn’t even have to have awkward eye contact later.

But I didn’t say ANYTHING about this moment to ANYONE until maybe about 10 years ago, and then only to immediate family. The past 12 or so hours is the first time I’ve mentioned it since. And I have no intention of talking further about it.

However. If my Brett K’s name came up as the guy named to take a lifetime position on the most powerful body in government, you’d best believe I might consider sending a letter about him.

Even though I have no proof, that it’d just be “he said, he said.”

Maybe Kavanaugh didn’t do it. But in my experience, the guilty tend to belligerently deny as fiercely as the innocent do. And while we should adhere to the “innocent until proven guilty” adage, this isn’t a trial. His life won’t be destroyed by not being on the Court. If he’s innocent, he will be OK.

TL;DR … Neither I nor Dr. Ford have proof but a similar thing happened to me so I get her — and I see why she came forward now.


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