Fanart and anti-Blackness


I ran across this collection of fan art on Facebook the other day. The artist, a NeoArtCore on DeviantArt, did a cute series of female versions of Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Thor Odinson and Bucky Barnes. Each is an astounding rendition of the MCU characters.

I cycled through them eagerly, looking for the biggest MCU hero of all, Black Panther. But I was to be disappointed.

I have so many questions.

Why is she … not black? She’s barely even tan. Did the artist give up? Or does he simply not know how to render a dark-skinned African? Or, worse, does he not even care to?

I later visited the artist’s site. It is almost entirely made up of beautiful cheesecake pix like these, to the tune of about 200 images.

NONE of them are African women. NONE are even dark-skinned.

It’s hard to describe how off-putting this is. This artist has put in countless hours perfecting his craft and yet couldn’t muster the will to illustrate ONE dark-skinned woman for even this one time.



And I have to ask: Is this anti-Black racism? I find it hard to come to any other conclusion. Because again, there is no lack of skill.

Only lack of will.


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