Why “we are all French” and not Kenyan


So there’s been some hurt feelings over all the Francophilia in the wake of the Parisian terror attacks.

Where, some say, were the Kenya flag profile pics when nearly 150 students were slaughtered back in April by radical Islamists?

The answer is not simply and cynically that European lives matter more to Facebook than African lives. (Though that could be so.)

No. It’s that Paris is soooo much closer to home for us Americans than Garrisa, Kenya. And I’m not talking about the fact that France is only 4,400 miles away compared with about 8,000 for Kenya.

It’s a developed nation very much like ours, culturally. We share a long friendship and alliance and even some of the same words. Contrast with the comparatively developing nation of Kenya, with which we share far less in common. In addition, so much of the news were get about Africa is disaster and mayhem that we almost expect this sort of thing.

And so when France is hit by terrorism, it feels very much like we did.



One Response to “Why “we are all French” and not Kenyan”

  1. Chyll Will Says:

    That says a lot about our disconnect from and cognizant dissonance with the world; that we think and feel less for a section of humanity because we don’t relate to them as much as someone else when both have experienced the same tragedies frankly makes us far less human than we think THEY are.

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