Back to the bridge


“What’s on your mind?” WordPress, Facebook and Twitter ask me.

Far, far too much.

I haven’t kept up this blog nearly as often as I originally intended. I didn’t want to do like so many other blog authors and simply parrot half-truths and foster outrage with lying clickbait headlines.

But I also didn’t want to take the time needed to research stuff before posting — or just didn’t have time to before the news cycle went on to something else.

Or I’d want to write and have nothing to say. Ideas would either be scarce or too involved for a simple blog that *I* wouldn’t have the patience to read, left alone anyone else

But I’ve noticed something. The stupid outrage generator that is social media is proving a fertile garden of topics. And I find I actually do have something to say that I’m not hearing much of.


So… back to the Bridge. A corner of the interwebs for my thoughts worth a bit more than 140 characters.


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