An Open Letter to Marvel/Disney re: Fantastic Four.


To Whom It May Concern:
I was going to skip Fox’s latest ill-advised reboot of the Fantastic Four. It looked like a cynical grab at the money mint that is the superhero genre lately. The studio had already underperformed with the property. Why not just let Marvel Studios have a shot at its own characters and split the profit or something?
I’ve been noticing your secret war with Fox. How you’ve been starving your X-Men and Fantastic Four comic lines. How you’ve disallowed licensees to go forward with anything X-Men or FF-based — some ready to ship! — to the point where you’re even removing the characters from classic cover reprints and posters.
Perhaps I WILL add my few dollars to a potentially successful box office for this FF movie. Because while I have little love for Fox’s film stewardship (what I’ve seen in advance doesn’t evince much faith to the source material, and the stunt casting still troubles me), I’m starting to see you as the problem now, too.
No heroes here…only villains.

Note the replacement of X-Men and Fantastic Four members with.....more Avengers

Note the replacement of X-Men and Fantastic Four members with…..more Avengers


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