A new post? Is this an April Fools joke?


After more than 2.5 years, I’m making a new post in this dormant blog.

It’s not a joke. Longtime readers know I can’t stand what usually goes on this “holiday.” I’m really starting this thing back up.

So what changed?

  • A little positive feedback. I’m used to my parents saying great things about me and my writing. But it’s another thing for other great writers to do the same. One such man did so recently. I’m a guy who can, as the Mark Twain witticism says, go miles on a single compliment.
  • A lot of movies to review. I’ve taken to watching a lot of film, including a number of them that I’d long ago decided NOT to view. But over the past two years, I’ve chosen to, well, make different choices.
  • A friend to collaborate with. My longtime bud William D. Jackson, who runs his own occasional blog “…Serious Consideration” is doing a retrospective on his introduction to hip-hop music. He’s invited me to chime in, and perhaps I will. But it was unseemly to consider writing on another’s site while leaving this one in dormancy.
  • A lot of stuff going down. A couple years back, I used this space to remark on my great disillusionment on the state of race relations in America (I’d thought it was dying out with the old segregationists, but the young crowd seems to be picking up on it without even the culture trying to instill supremacist attitudes this time around). The events of 2014 in Ferguson, Mo., New York City and elsewhere did little to improve my outlook. Still, I believe this bridge, too, can be crossed.
  • Training for the marathon. I’m mulling a change in the near future, one that I’m not sure I’m ready for. This is my attempt to test the waters of my soul and spirit as I consider this move.
  • Finally, sometimes a pithy post on Twitter or Facebook just doesn’t cut it. At all. Sometimes you gotta go long-form.

So BOTO is back, ladies and gentlemen. I hope you’ll roll with me a while.


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