Whoa!!! Where did THREE MONTHS go?


Even writing that my friend Anita’s passing seemingly cured me of procrastination and perfectionism, those bugs appear to have held on anyway. It’s been far too long, dear readers — THREE MONTHS! — so, to ease us all back in, here are a few quick hits:

  • First, my followup to my brush with death and my thoughts on the death penalty. I asked, back in late September (THREE MONTHS AGO!), “Would these people deserve to live? Should they have gotten the death penalty, had I not survived?”

    My answer is yes…to both. If I’d died, no question they should’ve gotten capital punishment. Life is sacred; only God has the right to take life because only He can give it. And, since earthly government is ordained by God to deal with those who do evil (according to Romans 13:1-4), the state also has the right to take life under certain circumstances. Moreover, as my assailants had no real motive at all for such a vicious crime, they needed to be off the streets. Perhaps permanently.

    But because God is loving and merciful and can change ANY person’s life for the better, I honestly don’t want them dead. In fact, one of my enduring prayers is that I meet at least one of those two guys sometime after they’ve been converted by the spirit of Christ and I can tell them all is forgiven.

  • Man…Herman Cain. I liked him. But to have that sort of stuff in one’s background (referring to the settled harassment cases) and think that it wouldn’t become an issue in a presidential campaign, false allegations or no? Man…what were you thinking, Herman?

    And even if his alleged mistress is lying about the sex affair (and the libel judgement against her suggests that she may be), the fact that he was apparently financially helping a woman other than his wife was a serious error in judgement at best.

  • Even more than a month later*, I’m still not ready to write about the Penn State abuse scandal. Suffice it to say that I think it’s a story of good intentions and loyalty gone horribly awry.

Anyway, it’s good to be back. Hope you’ll chime in and help me bridge these troubled opinions.

* (but at least not THREE MONTHS later.)


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