The Casey Anthony verdict…was RIGHT?


From some of my friends on Facebook (names withheld):

“OMG. I’m still upset over the Casey Anthony trial verdict. I need to move on and get this out of my Spirit. It’s depressing and it hurts.”

“What kind of “accident” involves an innocent toddler, duct tape and chloroform?! Just saying…I hope 12 people in Orlando can live with themselves and sleep at night….”

“Let’s all give our justice system a round of applause, because they have done a SERIOUS job in CONFUSING me. WHAT HAPPENED HERE??????”

“(I did not follow the case extensively) Keep in mind you are INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty. If you cannot prove it then innocent. For everyone clamoring for Casey’s murder can we please ensure we have the right person before we form our lynch mob?”

“I’m proud of myself for not knowing what the hell this trial verdict is about. (Don’t tell me either.)”

In case you’ve been living under a rock (or, as in the case of my last quotee, focusing on REAL news), here’s a link to CNN’s analysis of the case. The short version: young mother Casey Anthony was accused of taking the life of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. But the State of Florida was unable to convince the jury that she was responsible, so Casey was acquitted of the most serious charges, including the murder charge.

The jury made the right call.

The simple fact of the matter is that, despite how the court of public opinion is quick to judge and condemn, our legal system presumes innocence until guilt is proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

Does this mean it always works this way? Heck no. The sheer existence of reversed convictions is evidence of that. But when defense counsel and juries do their jobs, they force the state’s prosecutors to do their jobs and make their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Especially if it’s a capital case. I’m not staunchly against the death penalty — life is precious enough that the malicious taking of life ought to at least potentially cost the killer his. But I’d rather see murderers go free if the case isn’t airtight than condemn the innocent on flimsy, circumstancial evidence. And, apparently, that’s all the state of Florida had to work with because they didn’t do their jobs to present an air-tight case.

You know what’s really tragic about this story, though? It’s not that little Caylee’s gone too soon; she’s in the arms of a Father who loves her more than her birth parents. It’s that her mom Casey’s life is so dark. Assuming that she’s indeed innocent of the murder, she still has to face the fact that her daughter is dead and it’s at least partially her fault.

She’s got to live with that. And I’m not sure she has the character to live with it in a healthy manner. That’s just going to lead to even more destruction in her life.

No one is beyond redemption. But sin has a way of getting paid for no matter what. Therefore, I’m praying for Casey Anthony.


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