Michael Vick & Nike: BFFs again


Nike has forgiven Michael Vick for his dogfighting past, it appears. And I, for one, am just as glad about this as I was when they dumped him in the first place.

“Wait,” someone out there is saying. “WHAT?”

No, this isn’t me contradicting myself or flip-flopping on the subjects of dogfighting or Vick’s crime or the reaction of fans and critics alike. Vick deserved to lose his starting quarterback position for his off-field sins. He deserved to lose his lucrative endorsements. And he certainly deserved to go to prison.

Thing is…he did all that. He did his time. He didn’t blame anyone else for his mistakes. He even owned up to not being the best football player he could be while with my team, the Atlanta Falcons (and in my opinion, I’m so glad he’s not with my team any more. He was never going to reach his potential here with the level of character he had then).

In fact, by most accounts, Vick appears to actually be — GASP! — penitent. I believe this change in his character is reflected in his resurgent on-field performance.

The dog-loving crowd will certainly find it difficult to forgive him. But they need to move on. To the same degree that we shouldn’t condemn the entire pit bull breed for the aggressive acts of a minority few (which unfortunately get disproportionate press compared with other dog attacks by less notorious breeds), neither should we brand a repentant Vick an everlasting criminal.



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