Name change coming soon…


It’s been a good while since I posted here. I’ve been pretty distracted by my ongoing work search and other hobbies. But this blog is never very far from my thoughts.

Unfortunately, thinking about it is all I ever do lately. Or, to be more precise, OVERthinking about it is the problem.

I am continually torn between:

  1. a desire to use it as a catch-all online journal for the whole internet to read about my musings on the latest comic-book-themed movie I saw, and
  2. matters so weighty that I hesitate to write about them for fear of the research needed to be informed and not just influenced by any one biased and flawed opinion and research.

The latter tends to paralyze me and I end up not writing at all. The former seems like a waste and I end up not writing at all.

Not writing = not good!

I want to make this blog more consistent. More than that, I want it to matter.

To that end, I will be changing the name and focus of “Mild-Mannered Newspaperman” very soon — like next week or so. It won’t be a drastic change, but it will be significant. Hope you’ll be there for it!


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