I kinda hate April Fools Day.


“Once a year, let’s have a day to celebrate LYING. For FUN.”

Nope. Not a fan. At all.

Maybe it’s because of my newspaperman profession, one that tends to value telling the truth. Or perhaps it’s because of my God and my faith, both of which ALSO happen to value the truth.

I’m certainly not against having fun on April 1. But I think we should not cease to be ethical. If we’re going to play any jokes and/or pranks today, we should strive to make sure everyone’s in on the joke and that no one is the butt of the joke.

An example is one of my favorite hobby websites. Instead of its being focused on superhero toys like normal, for April 1 it temporarily switched to a hilariously girly My Little Pony theme.

THIS is what April Fools should be: a chance for us all to be a little foolish together instead of trying to make fools of other people.


One Response to “I kinda hate April Fools Day.”

  1. Brian Says:

    I was really pleased with the MLP gag on the realms today. I think everyone got a great laugh out of it. Best april’s fools joke I’ve seen in a very loooong time.

    A++++ for effort to the guys there for that one

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