30 Days of Song: Day 28


Day 28-a song from TV

Hopefully, every student has had at least one of those teachers. The ones who inspired you, who saw the talent in each student. The ones who are tough, yes, but never unreasonable or unfair. The ones who could call you on your childish B.S. and, more importantly, inspire you to never attempt the nonsense.

More than any other, Ms. Knowles was that teacher. She’s the one who, in 10th grade, really taught me how to write. It’s way too much to say I idolized her. But she definitely made an impact.

At some point, she told us that “Moonlighting” was her favorite, must-see TV show. I figured, “If Miss Knowles likes it, maybe it’s not bad.”

I was almost hooked by the opening song alone.

“Moonlighting” Al Jarreau

It didn’t hurt that the show was funny and well-written, too. I actually felt more grown-up just by watching such smart writing.

This was only a few months before the show went to hell, setting up my long stretch of short-lived love affairs with TV shows.




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