30 Days of Song: Day 5


Day 05: a song that reminds you of an activity from your youth

Most of my boyhood activities centered around cartoons, so it’s really a matter of picking a theme song.

In the end, though, there was only one cartoon that actually literally had me running home to see it — and, later, religiously programming the VCR to tape it.

This trio of completely separate Japanese cartoons rewritten into a single transgenerational epic absolutely riveted my younger brother and me. It was unlike anything we’d seen on American TV before since the much-more straightforward Starblazers from years earlier. I’m still a bit astounded at how well it all works despite the heavy editing.

I’m also still saddened that Carl Macek, the man behind it, passed away last year at the far too young age of 49.

I’ve owned the soundtrack for years, but the opening theme has never felt completely nostalgic without the sound effects. Thank you, YouTube.


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