30 Days of Song: Day 4


Sorry for missing a day! I thought I’d scheduled this already. But…

Day 04: a song that reminds you of your greatest accomplishment

This, then, will be the first of these that I’m punting on…because my greatest accomplishment hasn’t happened yet.

“But surely,” some reader must be thinking, “you’ve had some accomplishment that’s your greatest so far!”

I suppose I could say earning my Master’s degree is probably my greatest accomplishment. But I don’t associate that degree with a song, and, lately, all it’s seemed to do is “overqualify” me for jobs I’ve applied to this past year.

So yeah. I’m punting on this song. See you later for Day Five. (I’m not promising when, because it’s Day Five already and I don’t quite know when I’m getting back on track. Hopefully tonight. Maybe tomorrow.)

EDIT: Actually, I’m NOT punting on this one.

By normal standards, yes, getting the advanced degree might be considered my greatest accomplishment. And yes, I suppose it is.

But I’m not normal.

So, when I thought of this song as the potential answer to a later question, I realized that it represents my true greatest accomplishment.

During my first semester in college, I and an upperclassman whose name and face are completely lost to memory, had a goal: to put a single quarter into this arcade machine and complete the whole game.

We each did it, and this is the music that played.

I have the home version of this old-school shooter and try as I might, I haven’t been able to match that 20-year-old feat, despite having all my old skills. I blame the inferior controls, but perhaps it’s my inferior control. 🙂


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