So health care is half-repealed. NOW what?


Yesterday, almost straight down party lines, health care reform got repealed in the House of Representatives.

Readers know I’m not a fan of the law, so I’m rather OK with this largely symbolic development (after all, it’s not like this little repeal is going to pass the Senate AND escape being vetoed by President Obama). And this is actually good form on the part of the Republicans to actually attempt to deliver on a major campaign platform.


For all my vehement objections to the health care law’s immoral aspects and the super-partisan, closed-door, zero-involvement-from-the-minority-party nature of its creation, I still just as forcefully say that some sort of health care reform is still needed.

Republicans need to step up to the plate with their ideas for health care now that both parties are forced to listen to each other for the first time in this century. And they need to do it soon.


2 Responses to “So health care is half-repealed. NOW what?”

  1. Kris G Says:

    I don’t buy the idea that it’s Obama’s fault for the lack of Republican input. He’s consistently tried to involve them, but they simply have no interest in cooperating on any issue. Every disagreement, no matter how small, is too big for them to get over, and they reject the ideas wholesale.

    • kharisampson Says:

      I’m not blaming Obama, outside of his allowing the Democrat-controlled Congress to shut Republicans out of the creation of the bill. The minority party really had no input, especially on the hot-button issue of abortion as health care. The Democrat leadership wouldn’t bend on that one at all and fought members of their own party more than they Republicans.

      I voted for Obama because he promised to end such super-partisan politics in Washington. But he either never meant to keep the promise or he was overwhelmed by the far more experienced congressional leaders Pelosi and Reid. (I’d like to think the truth is closer to the latter than the former, but it’s not like he wasn’t a willing player in their agenda.)

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