Overcoming perfectionism.


Got the urge to write but no idea what to write about. It’s a chronic affliction of mine, born somewhat out of my particular brand of perfectionism.

Some perfectionists are the kind who cannot bear the slightest flaw in any aspect of their lives and will obsess and tinker with a thing or matter or person until it or they meet their exacting standard. The other kind of perfectionist is the person who refuses to start or try new things unless we’re reasonably certain that we can do it all or do it very well the first time.

I’m the second kind. It’s the reason why I don’t update this blog very often and have it currently blocked from search engines. I don’t want to write anything half-cocked without doing my research to make whatever argument absolutely airtight and compelling and important and, well, perfect.

Anyway, I’m trying something different today.

There’s no big important subject.

I’m not making any sort of grand argument.

I don’t care how compelling — or not — this post is.

This is just me writing some small missive in an effort to overcome my self-paralyzing perfectionism. No research necessary.

See you tomorrow (or Thursday, or Friday, due to the holiday week delaying new comic shipping)  with a new Comic Book Quote of the Week.


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