Iced-in in the ATL. Time to read some comics.


As of this writing, I’m enduring a third straight day of being effectively frozen inside my house. The Atlanta area has been largely paralyzed by 3-6 inches of snow frozen over with a half-inch of solid ice since Sunday night. So this is as good a time as any to get my blogging activity back in gear.

Typically, my intent during mid-week is to share a quote from a new comic book I read that week. But…I’m iced in and do NOT intend to make my usual Wednesday trip to the shop. (Sorry, Friendly Local Comic Store owner.)

Fortunately, there were a couple from last week that tickled me. First:

“Does it look like I NEED it?”black superhero The Falcon, responding to the last thug standing’s taunt that he “ain’t got no super-strength” in Captain America #613, written by Ed Brubaker.

The next quote comes courtesy of Peter David, who loves writing humorous quips in every issue of X-Factor (think dysfunctional private investigation business…with super powers).

“One more word and I throw you off the roof.” — superpowered and super-conceited heroine Monet St. Croix, replying to new team member Pip The Troll hitting on her while she sunbathes. I’m sure many an attractive lady has sometimes wished she could say that to an unwanted suitor — and mean it!


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