It’s a new year. And my far-longer-than-anticipated retrospective on my favorite movie is finally done. So it’s time to get back to real blogging with regular updates.

One thing I need to do, though, is keep things fresh and brief. Writing long essays is a bit of a drag, even when the subject matter is Star Wars.

(I could write about Star Wars for many, many more months. But I digress. Again. πŸ™‚ )

I can only imagine that reading long essays are just as daunting.Β Therefore, I’m trying to come up with a couple of simple regular features for the site.

I’m definitely going to revive my Weekly Comic Book Quote feature, where I’ll share my favorite line from a comic book I read that week. That should be fun, simple and brief. Look for them either on Wednesday evening (new comic day) or more likely Thursday & Friday, when I’ve actually maybe gotten around to reading them.

Any ideas for other easy subjects? Post comments here!


2 Responses to “MMN RELOAD.”

  1. Kris G Says:

    I think you should do one “youtube webcam singalong” a week. I would recommend the Michael Jackson catalogue.

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