Life lessons from The Empire Strikes Back [part 4]: “Asteroids!”


Wow. It’s been less than a week since my last update. This is what working ahead can do for a guy.

Continuing the retrospective on what I learned from my first viewing of my favorite-ever movie:

I confess: At age nine, I didn’t take a single real life lesson from this dynamite sequence. It’s just flat-out awesome, from the fun dialogue/delivery, flawless analog special effects (which thoroughly outshine Lucas’ overdone digital attempt to evoke a similar scene 22 years later in Attack of the Clones), and possibly composer John Williams’ finest single piece of writing.

LIFE LESSON: Sometimes it all comes together nicely.
Well, OK. Maybe I did glean a little something from this part of the movie, though whether it was something good is very much in question. This is when the bad boy with the golden heart gets the good girl who really kinda wants the bad boy if she can draw out his sensitive side.

She occasionally likes him because he’s a scoundrel. There aren’t many guys like him in her life. (He also doesn’t kiss like he’s her brother or something.)

LESSON LEARNED: Opposites attract. Yes, I first learned this from The Empire Strikes Back.
One more digression from this stage of the film. Darth Vader really is the quintessential villain in these early and middle acts of the movie. From his initial moment as Worst’s Worst Boss:

The poor idiot didn’t even know what he was being fired FOR. Bad form, Lord Vader.

…to his insistence that the fleet continue to sustain massive losses and damages chasing the tiny Millenium Falcon through the asteroid field, he’s just a pretty terrifying guy to work for.
So when this happens:


…yeah, it was a bit shocking that there was someone potentially scarier than Darth Vader. Which led to another lesson that I already understood, and this only reinforced:
LIFE LESSON: There’s always a bigger fish.
Thanks for reading. Comments welcome. And be here next time for the life lesson motherlode:

One Response to “Life lessons from The Empire Strikes Back [part 4]: “Asteroids!””

  1. Kris G Says:

    Up until that scene, we had never really seen a spaceship maneuver. A spaceship, until Star Wars, was simply a flat object on blue screen. Lucas took it up a notch in Star Wars by moving the cameras in closely and making the ships look alive. But in this sequence, Han says the words “…we can still outmaneuver them…” he pulls a lever and we see spaceships moving like we had never imagined possible. Diving, spinning, banking and twisting at high speed to avoid destruction or capture. Truly, one of the real key moments in American cinematography.

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