Comic book quote of the week


There were some nice lines in my books this week, but nothing that really got my inner (?) geek rolling. But there was this little gem in the latest relaunch of my favorite super-hero team, The Legion of Super-Heroes:

“Why are governments always so stupid?”

“Because they are run by people, Sun Boy — and there are no more foolish creatures since the beginning of time.”Brainiac 5 in The Legion of Super-Heroes #1 (coverdate July 2010), written by Paul Levitz.

It might not have scripture or verse attached to it, but that’s eternal, absolute truth there. Governments are stupid because they’re run by people — who, by definition are imperfect at best and flat-out covered in wrong the rest of the time.


One Response to “Comic book quote of the week”

  1. Kris G Says:

    Gonna have to check that out. Though I’m still mad about the debacle two decades ago. That series was GREAT.

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