Let’s get this thing started back up.


The trouble with blogging is the need to continually come up with subjects to write about. That trouble is compounded when you want to write about Things That Matter, like Truth, Justice and the Way.

So, for the moment, I’m done with writing about Things That Matter. I repeatedly find myself beginning to write and never finishing because:

  • I write for fun. Here’s my pattern: I begin to write on a subject in the throes of outrage or passion. But before long, I find myself compelled to stop and actually try to back up my statements with facts and reasoning.
    Which means research. Which is boring. Which completely kills my desire to write at that moment.
    Consequently, I shelve whatever I was writing for later, but “later” never comes until whatever I was writing about is old, cold news.
  • I’m something of a perfectionist. The reason I don’t just write from passion and then publish it is because I am compelled to stop and actually try to back up my statements with facts and reasoning. I don’t want to be one of those irresponsible bloggers who simply write whatever they like heedless of truth or good taste or consequences of their words.

So. As said, as much as I’d like to weigh in on Arizona’s immigration law (which I have not read) or the results of this week’s elections, I’m done with weighty subjects for the time being. Maybe I’ll get my editorial groove back soon, but right now I’m just gonna have some fun with this blog thing. Hope you don’t mind the momentary (?) digression.

Next post (and probably at least once a week for the next several weeks), I’ll be writing a retrospective on the greatest 30-year-old movie I’ve ever seen.


5 Responses to “Let’s get this thing started back up.”

  1. macedonia Says:

    i say write about what you want to write about no matter how trivial it may seem to your serious side. the act of writing in and of itself will get the brain exercising again and back to the point where you’ll want to tackle the big stuff and it won’t be a big deal then.

    blog on, blogger. i got you in my google reader so i won’t miss NUTTIN’. 🙂

  2. Kris G Says:

    Are you going to ramble on about the tax and spend Empire again?

  3. Kris G Says:

    If I get back to blogging, by the way, I PROMISE to ignore good taste and consequences. That’s how I roll.

  4. kharisampson Says:

    Thanks, Jason!

    Kris G :

    Are you going to ramble on about the tax and spend Empire again?

    Kris, I likely will, eventually. It’s too STUPID to ignore. For the past four weeks, I’ve been a temporary federal employee (Census enumerator), so I’ve gotten a close-up microlevel look at our tax dollars at work. It’s kind of a mess.

    • Kris G Says:

      I meant spending money on a Death Star when we’re operating at a deficit. I mean, seriously, dude. We needed that Death Star for security. And of course, the Emperor has to raise taxes… what, should our government operate at a deficit, like the Republic? Like those liberals on Naboo and Alderaan?

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